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Infection Control Supervisor
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In this role, you develop and implement required measures in order to upgrade Infection and Prevention Control (IPC) in the project following advisors recommendations and MSF OCA policies. This includes: identifying and tackling new IC issues that arise; ensuring monitoring and follow-up occurs throughout all hospital departments; and the coaching and capacity building of national hygiene infection control supervisors

This will be achieved through implementing, revising and following-up IC measures as described in the IC strategy while evaluating adherence to IC measures, such as adherence to hygiene management, waste management in all departments. You will also work directly with nursing clinical supervisors to assure proper nursing techniques are being used. You will share the results of your observations and hospital analyses with supervisors and teams (in a culturally sensitive way) to enforce awareness and importance of IC protocols. Thus, you will provide input on IC improvements, ensure proper implementation of IC equipment, and attend external meetings in order to exchange information with others on how to tackle IC issues.

As this is a supervising role, other crucial elements are briefing, training and coaching of all (newly recruited) staff on varied IC topics.


Requirements for Infection Control Supervisors
  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Nursing or Medicine
  • At least 3 years of clinical work at a hospital
  • Professional and relevant experience working with Infection Prevention Control in health care settings in a low-resource context
  • At least 2 years of management experience
  • A fluent command of the French and English language (C1 level for both)
  • The capacity to motivate, train and manage team members, guide staff development and identify training needs
  • Excellent reporting skills are required
  • At least 3 months of experience working or in low-resource countries
  • Ability to cope with stress and to organize and prioritize workload
  • Willingness to work in an unstable and insecure environment
  • Availability of at least 9-12 months


  • Education or degree in the field of Infection Prevention Control
  • Experience in quality management
  • Training in health education/promotion/public health is an asset
  • Work experience in an emergency setting
  • Previous experience with a similar non-governmental organization abroad


Application process


Please read the job description thoroughly before applying and make sure you meet the criteria outlined above. Before starting your application (by clicking on the apply button below), please take the following into consideration. We require several documents during the application process online. We advise you to gather and prepare these documents first before applying. Only complete applications can be considered.

We require:

  • Your most recent English CV not exceeding 3 pages.
  • A cover letter explaining your motivation to work with MSF, what assets and skills would contribute to MSF practices, and elaborating further on both your training/coaching experience, as well as your management capacities (responsibilities, number of people you managed, and the context in which you worked).
  • A clear scan of your relevant diploma’s and certificates.
  • After initial (positive) assessment of these documents, we will schedule an interview.
  • If you are currently working for MSF or have done so in the past as national staff in one of our projects, we require that you upload a recommendation letter for expatriation from your HrCo, Head of Mission or other senior staff such as a PC and include two of your most recent MSF evaluations.