Position Description

Teaching Assistant – Mechanical Engineering (Abu Dhabi) (Temp. Contract)
Location Abu Dhabi
Job Code 1413
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
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The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Abu Dhabi University invites applications for the temporary position of Teaching Assistant in Mechanical Engineering. Teaching Assistants are integral members of the University Teaching Staff and work to achieve the overall institutional goals for excellence in academic instruction. Teaching Assistants provide assistance to faculty members in large classes in learning  activities, grading and other administrative activities.

Teaching Responsibilities
This position involves teaching assistant responsibilities in undergraduate areas of disciplines within the department of mechanical engineering including all of the offered program courses such as:
• Supports faculty members in managing the various aspects of their teaching activities at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
• Organizes joint tutorial sessions for students with the faculty members.
• Conducts independent tutorial sessions for students under the faculty supervision outside the regular classes.
• Provides limited coverage for the faculty when they are away attending research conferences outside campus.
• Assists faculty members with preparing course files/materials/assignments, compiling course material, and uploading learning materials to learning management system for students’ access.
• Takes students’ attendance and uploads online absence records and other students’ assessment results to maintain accurate and up-to-date student records.
• Helps with proctoring exams, reporting grades, and uploading grades to the system.
• Participates in class discussions and exercises (on line and face to face) in order to be able to help the students outside the class as required.
• Allocates weekly office hours for each course to assist students with their difficulties.
• Conducts laboratory sessions, when applicable, ensures labs are stocked with required consumables, and observes equipment to ensure they are maintained and operative.
• Assist faculty members with research activities.
• Assists with course files completion and compilation of accreditation documents.

Laboratory Responsibilities
• conducting undergraduate lab experiments
• collecting and marking lab reports
• designing new experiments as needed
• supervising students in various projects
• organize laboratories materials and equipment 
• support research activities as needed.

Required Qualifications
Must be mechanical or materials engineering graduate within the last five years. Strong candidates will demonstrate exceptional oral and written communication skills, and the flexibility to assist as needed. Must have a valid UAE residency visa.

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