Data Capture / Onset

Location: Global
Job Code: 9909


A Data Capture TD is responsible for capturing and organising all data from a movie shoot. This data will be used significantly within MPC by all departments.

The Data Capture TD must be an experienced photographer who has knowledge of the VFX pipeline and how each department uses captured reference material. Additionally they will have experience working on film sets and are able to work as part of the shooting crew.

The artists responsibilities will be split between on set work and as part of the Data Capture team at MPC.

Onset responsibilities  – working with our clients

  • To work with the VFX/CG supervisor to ensure that all sets / actors are marked up appropriately for matchmove/rotoAnim purposes
  • To advise on the placement and direction of witness cameras and their operators
  • To be proficient on set with the use of a Total Station to survey the set ensuring that all required data is captured.
  • To cover reference photographs of the set and camera setups
  • To capture modelling, texture and lighting references of all practical sets, as required.
  • To setup MPCs photobooth and capture modelling and texture reference of props and characters.
  • To cover camera data collection when required
  • To liaise with the client vfx team to ensure we are all capturing data to MPCs requirements and specifications.
  • To  help the dient VFX team as an additional pair of hands as required
  • To be efficient with their work and to not hold up any of the shooting crew.

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