VFX Lighting Trainer

Location: Montreal
Job Code: 9685


Job Title: Lead Lighting Trainer

Reports to: Head of Training and Development

Department: Training and Development

NOC: 4131/4021

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop Curriculum and prepare teaching materials and outlines for courses
  • Advise students on program curricula and career decisions
  • Provide individualised tutorial or remedial instruction to students who require it
  • Teach MPC proprietary software and tools
  • Help development and then participate in the global curriculum
  • Prepare complex and technical lighting setups for difficult bespoke shots, for training purposes
  • Light and render CG elements to match on-set lighting elements in the training environment
  • Manage render scenes, elements and assets in the training environment
  • Assist trainees in delivering technical and creative renders/final shots according to agreed schedule and specifications
  • Create clean and readable workflow scripts for the training environment
  • Attend and manage daily reviews
  • Set up sequence level lighting templates as well as establish and coordinate the overall lighting design and rendering techniques for the training environment
  • Work with the HoD to define required pipeline and identify any necessary additions or modifications to the existing toolset required for the Training Program
  • Mentor and supervise the team to maintain consistent quality control
  • Allocate shots and tasks to appropriate trainee artists
  • Be involved in the creation of new lighting techniques and technologies for the training environment
  • Work together with the HoD and Training Manager to create schedules and project targets
  • Foresee, troubleshoot and communicate potential problems
  • Interview and assess both potential and existing employees (academy candidates and academy students)
  • Performance and feedback reviews
  • Collaborate with local schools

Skills and Experience


  • A bachelor’s degree, a college diploma or demonstrated expertise in the field of instruction is required
  • A master’s degree in the field of instruction may be required
  • 5-10 years of relevant Industry Experience
  • Ideally one year of experience within the VFX industry is desirable. If there is no experience a strong personal portfolio is required.

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