Mid to Senior Matchmove & Roto-Anim Artist

Location: Bangalore
Job Code: 9559


With offices all over the globe, the Moving Picture Company (MPC) is one of the world's leading visual effects (VFX) studios, creating high-end VFX for the advertising and feature film industries.
We are constantly looking for the best talents in the world, enthusiastic people that come to work every day with the desire to be a part of some of the best work in the industry.
Matchmove/Rotoanim Artist

The Matchmove artist is responsible for reproducing the geometry, camera movement and object movement of a live-action shot in a 3D environment. And is responsible for 3D rotoscoping, for transformation of characters, face,hand and leg replacements and 3d objects for interactions and shadow. A mid level Matchmove Artist must have experience on a range of large scale film projects encompassing a wide range of camera moves / object tracks and 3d rotoscoping. They should have the ability to work well as part of a team and should have a proven ability to meet deadlines.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Should be able to do all of it, camera,object tracking and 3d rotoscoping to match live-action footage in a 3D environment and to maintain consistent shot quality
  • Participate in matchmove dailies and desk rounds, receiving feedback on your work and following direction from leads
  • Help with conforming any Lidar scans, Survey Data or matchmove specific geometry for Matchmove Artists prior to starting a sequence following lead matchmove artist direction
  • Able to do full body rotoanim for interactions and replacements
  • Do accurate shot breakdowns based on your shot assignment and ensure its being followed upon on a regular basis during show leads desk rounds.
  • Support your lead / senior in making sure target deliveries are met
  • Make your show lead / senior aware of any technical issues
  • Make your show co-ordinator & lead is aware of any production issues
  • Make your show lead / HOD aware of any R&D requests that you think may benefit the team
  • Ability to navigate the hub dailies viewer to get the required information for their shots
  • Ability to understand camera data sheet and turnover sheets
  • Should be able to assist with any image based modelling for building Matchmove models.
  • Should be able to test rigs for rotoanimation and give feedback to the lead
  • Help junior artists with their work

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Must have thorough knowledge of software based object tracking and 3D rotoscoping of a digital model to a live action background
  • Proven Matchmove experience in a large feature-film VFX production environment
  • Must be proficient in: 3D Equalizer, Maya and Boujou
  • Must have a basic knowledge on Film/Digital SLR cameras
  • Must have ability to understand various types of lenses and distortion
  • Knowledge of Nuke / Shake compositing software and tracking in Nuke / Shake an advantage.
  • Must be able to model and manipulate geometry for scene reconstruction and to aid tracking
  • Candidates should demonstrate a good eye for detail and precision with strong problem-solving skills
  • Must have a solid understanding of camera moves and filming techniques
  • Excellent communication skills
  • General understanding of linux/unix-based operating systems
  • Ability to work in a team

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